Create Website in IIS


How to Create a Website in IIS Server?

1)Let’s go ahead and open IIS Manager by going to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

2)Once IIS Manager opens, expand out the web server and then expand the Sites folder. Right click on sites and then click on Add Web Site

3)In the Add Web Site window we have some basic information to fill out for a static site:

  • Site Name – Name of the site, this will be either or * (Where * would represent a sub domain name such as www or blog for example)
  • Physical Path – The location on the local server that will hold the files for the website. If you did not set this up beforehand you can create a folder through this interface
  • Type – choose either http or https depending on whether your site will use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate or not
  • IP Address – From the dropdown you can specify what IP the website should answer on or use the default switch of All Unassigned
  • Host Name – If you would like this site to respond to other domain names you can put these here

4)You have now installed IIS 7 and configured a static website. Just place your html files in the directory you specified when creating the site and you are good to go.


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