Litespeed Webserver

What is LiteSpeed Web Server?

LiteSpeed Web Server is the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server. It is completely Apache interchangeable so LiteSpeed Web Server can quickly replace a bottleneck in your existing server.

LiteSpeed Web Server has superior performance in terms of both raw speed and scalability. LiteSpeed Technologies benchmarks demonstrate that it is more than 6 times faster than Apache. When serving static content, LiteSpeed surpasses well-respected content accelerators including thttpd, boa and TUX. When it comes to dynamic content, LiteSpeed is more than 50% faster in PHP content delivery than Apache with mod_php.

LiteSpeed Web Server is the company's core product, a lightweight proprietary web server, which is able to read Apache configurations directly. The software is commonly used together with web hosting control panels, where it replaces Apache as the web server. It is available for Linux, Mac OS XSolaris, and FreeBSD. The last stable release was 4.2.6 which was released in November 2013.

Important Note Regarding Licensing: The number of CPUs in the LiteSpeed license control the number of CPUs that the LiteSpeed parent processes run on. Essentially this is the number of CPUs that can serve static content. Dynamic content, such as PHP and Ruby, will always run on all CPUs in the server regardless of how many CPU licenses you have. This means that if you serve mostly static content then you should get a license for the same number of CPUs that are in the server. However if you serve mostly dynamic content, like PHP for example, then you will get the same performance with a lesser number of CPU licenses (such a a 2 CPU license for a Quad Core server). If you are not sure what license to choose, please contact our sales team and we can help you make the proper decision.
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