Litespeed Installation

How to install litespeed webserver on the cpanel :
Step 1: Install LiteSpeed WHM plugin
Run the following commands from ssh as root

Code:                                                                                            Select all
#cd /usr/src
#sh ./
#rm -f

Step 2: Install LiteSpeed Speed Web Server from within WHM

click “LiteSpeed Web Server Plugin for WHM” in “Plugins” section of WHM.
click “Install LiteSpeed Web Server”
- Fill in the form to specify your:

- serial number/license key above
- LiteSpeed target installation directory
- Port Offset ( set to 0 to replace Apache otherwise set a number like “2000” to try LiteSpeed on port 2080 )
Whether to enable PHP SuEXEC
- Assign user name and password for LWSW web admin console
- Your email address as the Administrators email.
-Click “Next” to install LiteSpeed
If you set Port Offset to “0”, it may stop Apache and start LiteSpeed after a successful installation, you may want to switch back to Apache temporarily as we still need to build PHP binary for LiteSpeed.

Step 3: Build matching PHP binary.
- There is a pre-built PHP 4 binary coming with LSWS, however, you should build your own PHP binary using matching configuration options used by Apache mod_php.
If LiteSpeed is running, you should switch back to Apache temporarily by clicking “switch to Apache” link. Then, click “Build Matching PHP binary” link. It is going take a while.

Step 4: Start LiteSpeed again.
- Just click “Restart LiteSpeed” Then you can verify if everything works as expected. It should! 
If “Port Offset” is set to non-zero, you can now replace Apache with LiteSpeed Web Server. Just click “Switch to LiteSpeed”.
That’s it. DONE.
WARNING: Do NOT uncheck “httpd” service under WHM service manager, otherwise WHM wont restart LiteSpeed automatically when configuration has been changed.

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