SetUp FTP Account in Kloxo

Uploading your Site Data 

By default you can always login to manage all of your domains with the "admin" FTP account. This account exists by default and does not need to be created.

Step 1. To create an FTP user that is only allowed access to a specific folder first click FTP Users Icon under the "Domain" heading.

Step 2. If you would like to add a new user, click the "Add FTP User" tab at the top of the window.

Step 3. Enter the Desired FTP Username and select the correct domain from the Dropdown list.

Step 4. Enter Password, Confirm Password and Enter the Virtual Directory you need access to. Eg: /home/admin/Leasedlayer

Step 5. You can also set the upload limit in MB (megabytes) that a user can upload to a directory.

Step 6. Click "Add" to Create the FTP Account.

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