Webmail allows you to access your email accounts through a web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer® or Safari®. This enables you to check your email from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser.

 Access Webmail through cPanel interface :

To access webmail through the cPanel interface:

  1. Click Go to Secure Webmail Login.
    • If your email account has administrative rights to a mailing list or lists that are hosted on this server, click the Mailing Lists icon to manage the mailing lists.
  2. Select the Webmail application through which you wish to access your email.Complete the fields on the following page to access your webmail.The email account will be opened through your browser. The Webmail client will then retrieve all read and unread messages associated with your email account.
    • Click Enable AutoLoad to cause the Webmail application to load by itself the next time you access this page.

 Access webmail directly :

To access webmail directly from your web browser:

  1. Navigate to https://example.com:2096 or https://example.com/webmail in your web browser.Enter your email address (for example, [email protected]) and password.Click Login.
    • Enter your domain name in place of example.com
  2. Click the logo or Read Mail Usingfor the webmail application that you wish to use to access your email.The interface for your chosen webmail application will appear. The webmail client will retrieve all read and unread messages that are associated with your email account and display them in this interface.
    • Click Enable AutoLoad if you wish for the chosen webmail application to load automatically the next time you access webmail.
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