Methods Of Service Termination

  The various Methods of Service Suspensions of Clients are listed below :

1. Suspension : This takes Strict and effective step when the Client's Service is Overdue for 1 Day and will remain in effect until the Invoice is Paid or Termination Occurs.

2. Termination : A Client's Service will be Terminated on the Service  Overdue for 5 Days and the Invoice is still Unpaid. After the Termination the Data Cannot be Restored Back.

3. Abuse Suspension : This takes effect when a Client doesn't reply to the Abuse Report Sent to him in the given Time Period. Please note that the Time period varies for Different Abuses such as 1 Hour for Child Abuse, Phishing and Hacking Related stuffs or 24 Hours for Copyright Notices, DMCA Takedown Requests.

4. Abuse Termination : This takes effect when a Client's Service gets a High Volume of High Tier Abuses like Child Abuse or Hack Attempt Abuses. 
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