24x7x365 Service

24x7x365 Service Support :

leasedlayer observes the Clients Issues and minimizes them. We have many Support System in the following Different Categories:

1. Support Tickets : Are dealt with 24 Hours providing our Clients with 24x7x365 Service.
2. Live Chat : We Provide Live Chat for 16 Hours a Day i.e., from 9AM IST(+5:30) to 1AM IST(+5:30) i.e., 16/7/365 Service.
3. Phone Support : Coming Soon.
4. Knowledgebase : Always Online with More and More Articles / Tutorials Updated Daily.
5. FAQ : Pre-Populated FAQ Section.
6. Forums : Support Forum Categorized by Fields.
7. Skype Support : 24x7 Skype Support.
8. Blog : Contains New Articles Weekly. 
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